Fourth of July Celebration!

Bring your family to Los Sueños on Wednesday, July 4 for a Picnic at the beach club with live music, special Grey Goose cocktails and menu. Beach Club open to public from 6-8 PM. Fireworks start at 7 PM. Join us for the Los Sueños Fourth of July Celebration! Call  2630-4050 to make your reservations.

Father's Day

Where’s the beef? There will be plenty during this Father’s Day Celebration on Sunday, June 17th at the The Hook Up and Lanterna Italian Steakhouse. Call (011-506) 2630-4050 to make your reservations. Check out the wonderful specials: THE HOOK UP: 1\4 chicken, ribs and sausage served with potato salad and mango coleslaw, includes rum rice…